Ticking Off My Bucket List

Hello June!

Seeing as we are halfway through the year (WOW I can’t believe I’m saying that) it’s time to start ticking things off those bucket lists!

Two months ago I turned 21 years old, and I looked back on the things that I had done in my 21 years of living and thought why not celebrate another year of this crazy life I’m living, by ticking something off my bucket list and so I decided to do just that.

I am proud to say that I ticked ….

… Paragliding off my list! It felt AMAZING (literally, the only word I could say & continuously said throughout my time in the air) But it all makes sense now, I saw a quote and it said “live for the moments you can’t put into words” and believe me that’s exactly how my experience felt.

Life doesn’t have an expiry date, young or old, today could be your last day or you may live until a hundred years old… who knows! But don’t live for a specific day, event, trip etc, live for today because you might not get tomorrow.

Go tick something off your bucket list!

P.S. I would recommend this to anyone that loves an adrenaline rush or has ever wanted to go paragliding, OR just if you’re a tourist and wanting to see Cape Town, then this is definitely one way of seeing it! I went paragliding off of a very famous landmark called Signal Hill, not only did I get to overlook this beautiful city that I live in but it made me appreciate this beautiful place I get to call home!

My flight experience was incredible, I felt extremely safe and had so much fun, all thanks to http://www.paraglide.co.za! I highly recommend them if you’re wanting to go paragliding.

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