Summer 2017: Greek Island Hopping Tour



It’s nearly been four months since I visited the Greek Islands, so I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and share one of the best trips I’ve been on in my entire life… and I’ve been on quite a few!

My best friend and I decided we were going to go on The Med Experience: 11 Day Greek Island Hopping Tour around Athens, Santorini, Ios, Paros and Mykonos.

My best friend, Aimee and I.

To those who are looking to do a trip and are not quite sure what islands to visit, accommodation and etc, I would highly recommend this as it’s an affordable price and The Med Experience will plan EVERYTHING (accommodation, transportation from island to island, breakfast, club entrance fee and free shots on arrival)… so if you’re going to 20 clubs in one night, which I can promise you, it will happen because IOS! Then think of all the money you could be saving, well that’s if you’re like me and can’t handle 20 shots! Especially if you end up doing the SLAMMER SHOTS, do try this as it’s a must when in Greece!

Arrived in Athens

Spent the first day exploring Athens, meeting all 25 or so people that joined our tour and getting the run down to what will be happening on the 11 day tour.

2nd Stop – Santorini

An island I’ve been to before, which is still at the top of my list! But don’t be fooled for it being a quiet, romantic little island, as there are hidden bars, which you will definitely want to find! And let me not forget the gorgeous little boutiques filled with unique clothing and jewellery designs.

A must, the V Lounge Cafe and Cocktail Bar, for the best view and refreshing sundowners on the island.

3rd Stop – Ios AKA Party Island 

What I loved about this island is firstly it definitely lived up to it’s expectations of being THEE PARTY ISLAND and second, in the day it was the most beautiful island with such a nice atmosphere to it! This is an island where you’ll only find people ranging from 18 – 30 years old!

When you’re not partying in the afternoon until 9AM the next day, here’s a few things to do;

Day 1:

Ate a lot of Greek food

Quad biking around the island to find the best beaches to chillax


Day 2:

Went on an excursion – as a group we hired a boat for the day and went tubing, cliff diving, snorkelling and went to private beaches, where we chilled all day and then of course PARTIED until the sun came up!

4th Stop: Paros

By this point we were all so thankful for the stop over in Paros, as it’s knowing as a couples island, which means peace and quiet! There’s not much to do other than tan, shop, eat and catch up on beauty sleep! (the perfect break between Ios and Mykonos) However this was one of the most memorable places as The Med Experience hired out a restaurant, which was located on the beach and this was where we had a 5 course meal and learnt the traditional Greek dance and smashed plates… WHOOPA!

And last but not least… 5th Stop: Mykonos! 

Another island where it’s endless amounts of partying and when you’re not partying, you’re laying in the sun working off the hangover!

*Warning* be prepared as this is an extremely expensive island, especially when you’re staying at Paradise Beach! Only the most commercialised place out there!


I have to be honest though, it wouldn’t have been the same without having met my American, Canadian, Australian and British friends on this trip. The people that join you on the 11 Day tour have a huge impact on you’re experience, so hopefully if you decide to do something like this.. you get an adventurous bunch like these lot!

We called ourselves Team Unicorns 😉

Here’s a little clip of our 11 Day Greek Island Hopping Tour… Enjoy! x


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