Mother Daughter Trip | Venice

Italy is one of my favourite places to travel around because there’s so many beautiful places to explore!

Seeing as my mother was coming to visit me in the UK for a couple of weeks, we both had the same kind of idea and suggested that we should travel somewhere around Europe, seeing as many cities are only a train ride away… anything to get away from the UK weather 😉

So my mom and I decided to do just that! I met my mom at Gatwick airport ( a very emotional reunion after seeing her for the first time in a few months) and this is where we hopped on a plane and began our travels to Venice!

My mom and I stayed at Palace Bonvecchiati, I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone whose planning a trip to Venice, as it’s central and just an all round nice place to stay!

Being able to travel around Europe with my mom, is something I’ll treasure forever!




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