Becoming a Radio Presenter

Some of you lovely viewers may be wondering why I have been so quiet lately, I do apologize BUT I promise you it’s because I have been working hard on some very exciting projects.

I am extremely happy to announce that I am now a radio presenter for OneFM 94.0. I have my very own show called the POWWOW, which airs every Saturday from 9AM until 12PM, as well as co-host with a few OneFm radio presenters during the week.

I am five weeks into being a radio presenter and couldn’t be happier. If you had asked me a year ago where I’d be today, it probably wouldn’t have been radio presenting however I am LOVING it.

Sometimes we have to take risks, that little leap of faith and believe that everything happens for a reason. It’s called a whole lot of hard work and timing put into play…

As Oprah Winfrey says in her book called ‘Own It’: “I don’t believe in luck. For me, luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. There’s no luck without being prepared to handle the moment of opportunity.” 

Trust yourself – trust that gut feeling and little voice that’s telling you exactly what you need to hear. I made a bold decision, a decision to leave my comfort zone and look where it’s led me. I couldn’t be happier.

Here’s to new and exciting things. Bring on 2017!



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  1. 28/12/2016 / 02:17

    That’s not just the best anserw. It’s the bestest answer!

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